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Swedish study finds resharpened chains cut 9% faster and use 10% less energy than brand new chains! Read more on our News page.

After more than 25 years in the business, Silvana is the leading importer of forestry, wood and biomass processing equipment to Quebec and the rest of Canada. 


Silvana's line of robot chain sharpeners, from Swedish manufacturer Markusson, meet the needs of professional logging contractors and chainsaw service dealers alike. See them in action today on our Products page.

The NEW Triplematic is a highly efficient, fully automatic saw chain sharpening machine which grinds the cutting link at three key points, touching the actual cutting edge three times in the process to enable razor sharp cutting.


Markusson is probably unique in the world in its production of this new sharpening technology, able to accomplish so much in just one motion, and international patents are currently pending.


While the Triplematic operates as a normal grinder when it starts grinding the cutting edge, uniquely, it also widens the gullet (the space below the cutting edge) resulting in a higher chip flow and improved cutting performance.

The Triplematic is the ultimate chain sharpening machine!

Triplematic chain sharpener –

A saw shop or harvester owner’s dream!


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