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Combimatic, the Master of 3/4 Saw Chains



If the majority your chains are ¾” we warmly recommend, our Swedish made, Combimatic robot sharpener. It is also a fully automatic sharpener with many of the same features as Triplematic’s. It gets the chains really sharp without burning them, frees up your time for more productive work. It comes with a stand, converter and chain stretching feature. For more technical information please see the technical comparison sheet of our three robot sharpener models on the products page.


  • Fully automatic sharpening for 3/4 " harvester chains as well as 3/8", 404 and 0.325 chains 

  • Adjustable speed settings enable grinding in one operation without turning cutting links blue

  • All new, easily-set adjustable depth centering at the grinding head

  • Grinding angle easily adjusts from 50° to 90° and between 0° and 35°

  • Enables easy grinding of sawmill machine chains and depth gauges

  • Powered by 12 V DC (car battery) or 110 V AC current with converter (min. 20 A)

  • Very high grinding capacity

  • Simple to use and easy to adjust


Grinding motor specs:

Voltage: 12 volts

Rotation speed: 2800 rpm

Peripheral speed: 22 m/s

Power: 90 watts

Grinding wheel:

150 x 4 x 16 mm

(6” x 5/32” x 5/8”)


Overcurrent protection:

Miniature circuit-breaker



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