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A Harvester Owner’s Dream Come True with the Triplematic Robot Sharpener!



The NEW Triplematic builds on the success of the Grindomatic V12 – renowned amongst shop owners and contractors alike for its workhorse reliability and ease of operation – and the Combimatic 3/4" chain specialist.


With its newly enhanced features, the Triplematic functions as a fully automatic saw chain sharpening machine, grinding the cutting link at three key points – the cutting edge, the raker, and the gullet. Designed to optimize efficiency for a contractor’s forestry operations, it ensures that a “half-a-million dollar harvester” will always perform at maximal capacity: increasing the chain’s ability to remain on the bar, increasing the cutting through speed and reducing the amount of splitting and the loss of valuable timber.


With the ability to triple the life-expectancy of saw chains, Triplematic’s high grinding capability does not overheat nor turn teeth blue. It features the standard equipment alongside value-added innovations. These include the stand, the link counter, the 110V to 12V converter pack, and the unique new air-powered system, stretching the chain for absolute precision sharpening.


“It’s the ultimate in chain-sharpening technology today,” proclaims President, Dick Johnsson. “Nobody can afford to have valuable equipment sit idle due to a chain’s inability to stay on a bar, loose time felling each tree due to a dull chain or lose valuable product through  splitting”. The Triplematic is designed to perform, built to last, and priced to maximize the return on investment, many times over.



  • Shares many benefits with the Grindomatic V12

  • Fits most chains used today (1/4”, .325, 3/8”, .404)

  • Sharpens cutting edge, raker and gullet, for faster cutting and minimized splitting of valuable wood

  • Uniquely, it also widens the gullet – the space below the cutting edge – resulting in a higher chip flow and improved cutting performance

  • High grinding capacity that won’t overheat and turn teeth blue

  • Standard-equipped with a link counter, 110V to 12V converter pack, machine stand, and an air-powered system to stretch the chain

Installation and Set-Up Video


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