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Open-box Triplematic available!

February 25, 2018


Silvana has an open-box Triplematic available at just $6,999.99! That's a discount of $500.00 off the regular price!

Box opened, but machine never used. Comes with stand, tensioner, and converter. Full warranty offered. Shipping and taxes extra.

First-come, first-served! Contact us now to take advantage!



Swedish study finds resharpened chains cut 9% faster and use 10% less energy than brand new chains!

May 9, 2017


The aim of the study was to identify any differences in basic cutting capacity and energy consumption between the most common saw chain models on the market. Another aim was to examine whether sharpening brand new chains would have any effect on cutting time and energy consumption. All trials were carried out on the test rig built up at Skogforsk in Sävar.


The results revealed that the brand new chains varied by approximately 6% in terms of cutting time and energy consumption. The resharpened chain had a shorter cutting time (9%) and lower energy consumption (10%) than corresponding brand new chains. All these differences were statistically reliable with a very high degree of certainty.

Silvana releases new chain sharpener: the Triplematic!

April 2013


The new Triplematic 3-at-1 chain sharpener, Silvana's newest fully automatic saw chain sharpener from Markusson, builds on the successes of the Grindomatic V12 and the 3/4" chain specialist Combimatic.

The Triplematic is the only machine on the market that grinds the gullet, allowing your chains to cut faster. Triplematic is the ultimate automatic chain sharpener!

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