Perfect Chains at an Entry-Level Price!

The Sematic offers an economical solution to sharpening your chainsaw chains. Very similar in design to the Grindomatic, except without the automatic pivoting grinding head. The Sematic sharpens one side of your chain at a time - once the loop has finished, simply manually swivel the head to the opposite angle and restart it to complete the second side of your chain!

Sharpens a chain in around 3 minutes, which is much faster, far easier, and more precise than filing by hand

  • Saves time – semi automatic

  • Gives you an extremely sharp edge

  • Fits most chainsaw chains used today (1/4”, .325, 3/8”)

  • Sharpens ripping chains and low profile chains

  • Avoids blue teeth! Grinds up to 4 mm without burning teeth, perfect for damaged chains

  • Stops automatically when chain is perfectly sharp

  • Sharpens one side of the chain's teeth without need for manual adjustments

  • Grinding angle from 0-35 degrees, makes it also suitable for ripping chains and depth gauge grinding

  • Compact design: 15” x 12” x 14”, 9 kg, 20 lbs (without stand)

  • Operates on 12 volts DC

  • Increases profitability in chainsaw and sawmilling work

  • Easy and fast grinding head change

  • Short payback time

  • Contributes to a better working environment

  • High industrial quality, made in Sweden

  • You really get your money’s worth – compare us with our competitors and you will see

*Stand not included


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