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Silvana has sold hundreds of automatic chain sharpeners across Canada, and behind every machine is a happy owner! We work hard to provide a quality before- and after-sales service, including solid warranties and unlimited telephone technical support. Watch and read the owner testimonials below to help make up your mind!

"A half-million dollar harvester is no good without a sharp chain on it" 

“It works all by itself – I can do other things at the same time and leave the machine to run on its own" 

"A half-million dollar harvester is no good without a good chain on it. My operators say that they can feel the difference with the chains after they have been sharpened by the Grindomatic V12 – they cut better than before. Every harvester should be supplied with one of these machines – there are no negatives to it.”


Sean Storey

S & S Logging

Doaktown, NB

Grindomatic V12 owner since September 2010

“It works all by itself – I can do other things at the same time and leave the machine to run on its own. We used to use a manual hand grinder but the Grindomatic V12 does a full chain in half the time. It can take a lot off the teeth and it never burns them. It doesn’t even leave a lip at the top of the tooth. My customers have noticed the difference and tell me their chains cut much better than before!"

Brett Tanner

Tanner's Lawn & Snow Equipment

Newtown, PA

Grindomatic V12 owner since November 2012

"We go through 300-400 chains per year. I like the Grindomatic V12 because it does a consistent job. There's no comparison to a manual grinding system - it's like night and day. The difference in productivity with the chains more than pays for the machine! My relationship with Silvana is great and easy.”


Peter Allen

Allen Forestry

Point-de-Bute, NB

Grindomatic V12 owner since August 2009

"Compared to the other grinder I had, it's 50 times better! It's an all-round good machine. Before, I'd go through 5-6 chains per shift - now it's only a couple because they stay sharp for longer and cut better! Every time I call Silvana, they've got the right answer for me.”


Kenneth Murray

KA Murray Company Ltd.

Gaspereau Forks, NB

Triplematic owner since January 2014

"We probably grind 20-30 chains per day. Our relationship with Silvana is great. If there is an issue, we just call and get it resolved very quickly. They've been great to deal with."


Matthew & Scott Colford

S & S Logging

Doaktown, NB

Grindomatic V12 operators since September 2010

Harvesting contractors want:


  • Efficiency of use - just set and start

  • Sharpens saw chains sharper than new

  • Faster and smoother cutting to boost productivity

  • High grinding capacity, no blue teeth

  • Fast and excellent return on investment

Saw shop owners want:


  • Easy operation to free up more time

  • Chains sharper than new, no blue teeth

  • Complete customer satisfaction

  • Performance reliability

  • Fast payback time

Solutions for harvesting contractors and shop owners!

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