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Short Product Demonstration Video

An Experienced Work Horse - the Grindomatic V12

*Stand not included





Silvana has sold the Swedish made Grindomatic V12 since 2006. Feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, with owners raving about the machines capability to get chains sharp. Many of the first machines sold are still around proving the small machines' toughness and durability.


The Grindomatic V12 often follows the harvester owner to the forest where it works in the service trailer powered by 12V. Grindomatic V12 automatically sharpens each cutting link and stops after the chain has passed one full turn. It can also be set up to trim the rakers using a wider grinding wheel. The Grindomatic V12 doesn’t burn the teeth and is easy to set up and run in any small work shop.


If you have a lot of chains to do we recommend the new Triplematic but of course Grindomatic V12 remains a smaller budget alternative.



  • Saves time – fully automatic

  • Gives you an extremely sharp edge

  • Fits most chains used today (1/4”, .325, 3/8”, .404)

  • Avoids blue teeth! Grinds up to 4 mm without burning teeth, perfect for stone damaged harvester chains

  • Stops automatically when chain is perfectly sharp

  • Sharpens all the chain's teeth without need for manual adjustments

  • Grinding angle from 0-35 degrees, makes it also suitable for ripping chains and depth gauge grinding

  • Compact design: 16” x 14” x 14”, 12.5 kg, 28 lbs (without stand)

  • Operates on 12 volts DC or 110 volts AC with a converter (min. 20 A)

  • Increases profitability in harvesting work

  • Prevents value loss as it reduces splits in the butt log

  • Easy and fast grinding head change

  • Short payback time

  • Contributes to a better working environment

  • High industrial quality, made in Sweden

  • You really get your money’s worth – compare us with our competitors and you will see

Installation and Set-Up Video


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